Welcome to Swifin

Swifin provides open and instant access to cashless payments for individuals and businesses and supports both local and cross border payments. 

Suddenly, our partner banks and member financial institutions can reach millions more customers including those in the most remote areas - shaking out the industry structure and redefining the boundaries of true financial inclusion.  

Customers have more choice and cheaper access to making and receiving cashless payments and other financial services such as credit.

Merchants can advertise and sell their products and services quickly, receive payments in real time and pay their suppliers within seconds of making a sale. With Swifin merchants can turnover their capital faster and create more wealth. 


Swifin powers efficient delivery of mobile banking services and makes local and cross payments fast, easy and secure but also cheap and accessible for everyone. 

The Swifin service runs on leading edge technology infrastructure powered by Ainfin Ltd. The service is delivered in the UK via Sedel Capital LLP and in other jurisdictions in collaboration with joint venture partners and local regulated financial institutions. 

Sedel Capital LLP is registered and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an eMoney issuer and payments and remittances service provider with registration number 900475.