Your Swifin Account status: Pending Validation

How to validate your Swifin Account

Please provide the following to validate your account.
1. Proof of ID
2. Proof of address

You can upload these to your profile online at You will need to click on "Update profile" from the home menu.

What can you do now with your Swifin Account?

1. You can recommend/register others for a Swifin Account
2. You can receive payments into your Swifin Account
3. You are currently not able to make payments
4. You can submit remittance request for approval
5. Your remittance requests will only be approved after you validate your account.

How do you benefit when you recommend others?

When you recommend/register another user and he/she successfully validates the account and deposits funds into his/her Swifin Account you will receive a bonus paid into your Swifin Account. You will also get a bonus each time they use their Swifin Account to make payments.