The Real-Time Exchange For Secure Cashless Payments
And Loan Disbursement and Loan Repayment Collection

You can add funds safely and securely in your Swifin Account in 4 ways.

1. Via any UK Post Office Branch (In partnership with PiPit)

Please click here to create a topup voucher now. Take the voucher to any UK Post Office Branch (about 11,500 branches) and pay. Once the funds are received, your Account will be credited.

2. Swifin Transfer

Another Swifin Account holder can make a payment or transfer into your account.

3. Payment at an Approved Financial Institution of Agent

Visit your local Financial Institution or approved representative to deposit funds into your Swifin Account.

4. Payment Via Bank transfer to Ecobank in Uganda or to our UK Payments Processor

In the UK, you can send payments via bank transfer to Sedel Capital LLP. In Uganda please visit your nearest Ecobank Branch. In Cameroon please visit Sunex Finance in Douala or Yaounde (Tel: +237 674 216 184 or +237 671 943 463). Please send your Bank Transfer with your Swifin ID as reference.

You click here to login. If you do not have a Swifin Account click here to create to create one.